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The meaning behind


"смена" (SMENA) the feminine word for change in Macedonian, was brought to life after a visit to my parent’s homeland, where I acquired a deeper understanding of my heritage. From that moment, I was inspired and motivated to work hard to create a platform that would allow me to express who I am and my passion, sharing it with the world through design. SMENA was born.



Sustainable Craftsmanship

Made using sustainable practices and the highest quality limited edition leathers, SMENA pieces are a testament to conscious craftsmanship. Each item is meticulously created with a focus on ethical and environmentally friendly production methods. From the selection of premium materials to the hands that shape them, sustainability is at the heart of every SMENA creation.

Unique Artistry

The creation of limited edition fashion accessories are where SMENA truly shines. These pieces are a celebration of individuality and artistic expression. Crafted with care and precision, they stand as wearable works of art, reflecting the creativity and passion of the artisans behind each creation. SMENA's dedication to uniqueness ensures that those who wear our pieces make a statement that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Small Australian made collections

Over the years, we have witnessed many changes in the industry, including off-shore production exploding with many designers taking their production outside of Australia and choosing mass ‘fast fashion’ over meaning. Despite this, the development of SMENA continued and the high-end nature and Melbourne-based manufacturing processes remained unchanged. 
We are proud to share that SMENA products continue to be made by hand in the same space it was, and always has been, all those years ago – in a small workshop in Melbourne.

Zero waste. Conscious. Timeless.

After working with leather for 20 years, SMENA is excited to continue this journey with sustainable practices. To fulfil this desire to explore new materials, not only to expand our offering but to adopt a more holistic view of the responsibility of production and consumption and work towards a ‘total ethics fashion system’ – for humans, for our fellow animals and most importantly to me, for our planet.

I am excited to continue this journey and create truly unique pieces for you.

Made with experience. Made with love. Made with leather. Made in Melbourne. SMENA.

Love Jaki.
SMENA founder and designer.