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ALIŠTA leather clothing

ALIŠTA leather clothing

A collection of leather clothing beautifully crafted from luxurious leather for fearless self expression

Ališta | Pantaloni Dropped Crotch Leather PantsAlišta | Pantaloni Dropped Crotch Leather Pants
Ališta | Brazda Leather Vest/Dress/TopAlišta | Brazda Leather Vest/Dress/Top
Ališta | Mrak Leather JumpsuitAlišta | Mrak Leather Jumpsuit
Ališta Ramo Leather Vest Top
Ališta | Brazda Leather Jumpsuit V2Ališta | Brazda Leather Jumpsuit V2
Krpenica Patchwork Long Full SkirtKrpenica Patchwork Long Full Skirt
Krpenica Patchwork GownKrpenica Patchwork Gown
Krpenica Patchwork Gown Sale price$2,195.00
Brazda leather corset topBrazda leather corset top
Brazda leather corset top Sale price$895.00
TANCA | Teodora wide tassel panelled leather midi skirtTANCA | Teodora wide tassel panelled leather midi skirt
TANCA | Svetlana leather tassel wrap skirtTANCA | Svetlana leather tassel wrap skirt
TANCA | Snezana v-neck leather jumpsuitTANCA | Snezana v-neck leather jumpsuit
TANCA | Martina leather backless topTANCA | Martina leather backless top
TANCA | Lidija leather bikini topTANCA | Lidija leather bikini top
TANCA | Katerina boxy leather fringed dressTANCA | Katerina boxy leather fringed dress
Ališta | Leather Skirt LIMITED EDITION orangeAlišta | Leather Skirt LIMITED EDITION orange
Ališta | Bluza Long Leather Vest Top
Ališta | Bluza Leather Vest Top Crop MidiAlišta | Bluza Leather Vest Top Crop Midi
Ališta Leather PonchoAlišta Leather Poncho
Ališta Leather Poncho Sale price$550.00
Saskia Leather Bra
Saskia Leather Bra Sale price$249.00
Ališta Samrak Strapless Leather Onesie Jumpsuit
Ališta | Leather SkirtAlišta | Leather Skirt
Ališta | Leather Skirt Sale price$695.00