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Brazda. Translated from Macedonian: Furrow.

As in the deep meticulous furrows my ancestors’ hands laboriously dug in the fertile Macedonian soil. 

Furrow as in the furrows on the face of the experienced. Ageless inner beauty. The wrinkles, the furrows, marks of a story lived. Depth.

Furrows formed on the leather by washing and twisting, like the wrinkles formed on the face from living. SMENA’s untold stories of resilience and endurance in the creating of timeless style, written in the many lines. Late night inspirations. Fears. Lifelong dream. Tears. Joy. New beginnings. Sweat. Hope. Determination. A dream. Endless smiles. Love. Engraved in the depths of the black wrinkles on the bags.

Wear this new SMENA collection as a statement of your resilience, deep inner beauty, timeless style, ageless charm, charisma, wisdom, the nights of endless laughter imprinted in your wrinkles, your determination and focus on your goals etched in the furrow on your brow.

 To be worn unapologetically. You have earned it.